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Broker BlogWrap: Free Advice Forum

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Broker Blogwrap is Curbed's irregular roundup from the wild world of blogging real estate brokers. Know about a broker blog we should be reading? Drop a line.

1) Rock & Roll astronauts discuss the benefits of using video in real estate listings. Yes, we said Rock & Roll astronauts ...who ride motorcycles. This could be the end of the real estate industry as we know it. Or, a durable trend in RE marketing. [Sellsius]

2) Finding real estate the old fashioned way: by driving through your favorite neighborhoods while stalking stagers. What to look for: Moving vans, double parked cars, desperate pleas to buyers posted in the windows.[SF RE Properties]

3) Looking for some new local Blogs? Redfin's got some recommendations. Blogging about blogging about blogs. How meta. [Redfin]

4) Some claim that it's a good time to buy in San Francisco. Reasons: high rental market, low interest rates . . . agree? [Condocontessa SF RE]

5) And some agree— again, those interest rates provide quite the fodder for discussion. [Luba's SF RE Blog]

[Image courtesy Sellsius]