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Starbucks Sneaks Into Richmond, Protesters Suffer Coronary

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Enough with the Starbucks already. But damn aren't they sneaky though? Following last year's "citizen's arrest," if you will— Board of Supes voted to ban the 'bucks from opening an outpost at the corner of Fifth and Geary Streets after citizens filed 4,000 opposing signatures— the chain had the audacity to sneak a kiosk into the Safeway store at Cabrillo and Eighth. And without the proper permits, no less! Super Jake McGoldrick ratted out the shop to city planners after receiving complaints from local rezzies; Starbucks has since ceased to sell coffee there, though one may still pick up beans and other tschokes en route to the check-out. The final fate of the shop will be decided within the next month, as city planners decided whether the thing should be treated as a separate biz or part of Safeway itself. Tedium reigns.
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