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Drama at The DBI: Code Violations Under Fire

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SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi is at it again with his anonymous sources: In this week's issue, Eskenazi performs (another) take-down move on the Department of Building Inspection, citing a letter written by Joe Nobody to Mayor Newsom detailing life beneath the thumb of DBI inspector Isam Hasenin. According to the letter (according to Eskenazi, that is):

"The public safety of San Francisco is at risk if complex buildings aren't built according to codes just because the plan checker is too frightened to make a decision that will bring him to the Director's attention," the letter reads. "Plan check engineers are afraid they will be fired unless they keep up with unreasonable turnaround times and sign off on plans that ... do not comply with code." Other (unnamed) sources claim that workers do slipshod work in order to fly beneath Hasenin's radar, as he's prone to firing— or threatening to, at least.
"To be fair," as Eskenazi puts it, an off-the-record vet blamed the bitching and moaning on "civil servants who could only be terminated if they shot somebody." Several DBI employees (read: the communications director) went on record to deliver the "I love you, you love me" song and dance, claiming that the department has made itself available to employees during the department's re-birthing process. To top it all off, formerly-fired bribery baron Gus Fallay is making a bid for his old job, the Weekly reports; after being fired in 2005 under bribery charges that didn't hold up in court, Falley's union reps claim he should be hired back— and with interest. True, false, or somewhere in between, so much for a "streamlined" DBI overhaul.
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