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Gentrification Calling: SRO For Sale

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Situated in an area ripe with potential— within Saitowitz territory and just a couple blocks from the Intercontinental, the Sai Hotel still awaits a new owner. On the market since at least November, this single room occupancy building (SRO) needs that patient someone who is hoping/willing to capitalize on the inevitable gentrification of the area. Might this person be you? If so, you could lord over 44 units that rent at $500. But just for fun, let's get a first hand account of what it's like to actually stay in one of those units.

From Mark Ellinger, who works with the Central City SRO Collaborative:

"A very narrow door opened inwards, just missing the minuscule sink attached to the wall opposite the bed. I had to climb onto the bed to close the door, as I was unable to squeeze between the sink and the bed. I had to face the sink from the side in order to use it. The only furniture was a small nightstand at the head of the bed. There was no closet, not even hooks or nails on the walls. The one electrical outlet was dangerously situated in an exposed utility box about two feet above the sink."Sounds kind of lousy— even by SRO standards. 964 Howard is zoned as a residential service building— making dwellings and SROs its primary permitted use. However retail, commercial, and arts/ culture programs are allowed as well. Readers, who knows the sketch history that must be tied to this place? (Besides the obvious, that is.)
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