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Library Renovation Revealed, Books Actually Considered

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Remember libraries? They're those places we got books and did research before Amazon and Wikipedia came along. Not ringing a bell? Well, in spite of our collective ignorance, the San Francisco Main Library debuts a redesigned first floor today. The times are changing fast: it's been a short 12 years since architects PEI Cobb Fried & Partners designed the much-taunted Main Branch, whose lobby has been accused of overwhelming the books themselves. The collection has grown, technology improved, and updates were already needed. With an in-house design by Department of Public Works architect, Youcef Bouhamama, the new first floor now includes a 6,000 sq ft of new space for the fiction collection, additional computers, and a more open lobby space, if such a thing is even imaginable. Our suggestion: nix the pay phones— can't tell you how many deals we've overheard going down on those things.
· A renovated Main Library is opens today in S.F. [SF Gate]

[Ed. note: Couldn't resist saving the ever-observant N Judah Chronicles (a.k.a. Greg Dewar) from the depths of the comment box— Check his clip of the "conveyor belt that takes your books away." Oh how oddly amusing the mundane can be. Jump! ...]

Action at the library!