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Peskin Implores Academy of Art University to "Abandon Wrongheaded Deal"

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The Academy of Art University will purchase Flower Mart over local merchants'— and Aaron Peskin's— dead bodies: Supervisor Peskin used yesterday's supe meeting to launch the legislation that local tenants hope will stave off the Academy of Art University's ability to make changes to the property; the Academy had planned to convert the building into studio space. The Academy has been under the city's watchful eye for some time now due to shady business dealings during its bids for world domination city properties, often ejecting tenants with little notice. Strategic? No, we dare say. Said Peskin, nobly: "To the Academy of Art, if you are listening, it is not too late to abandon this wrongheaded deal and save your reputation in San Francisco." Students, take note: it won't be so long before the Academy turns your young, idealistic asses onto the street, too.
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