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Sordid Site: Inside Pier 36

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Recall a few weeks back, when the word came down from on high that Proposition A, if passed, will allow for the razing of Pier 36 in order to transform the downtrodden site into $3 million dollars' worth of green space? Local photog Plug 1 of undertook an urban spelunking mission recently, capturing what, exactly, happens inside of the Pier. And it is intense, folks. Intense. Says Plug 1:

"there are def squatters lurking about and some feral cats. they (the squatters) have this very rudimentary burglar alarm system which consists of a bunch of string acting as trip wires. there is also 1 room in the front where they toilet papered the rafters with receipt tape. and yet another odd room with a bunch of porn, easter bunny wind catchers, plastic hangers and chris rock VHS tapes. . . i have determined that it was split into sections (a,b,c) and that the hours of operation were 8-430 m-f and the boss frowned upon heavy coffee drinking(?!?). Anyone care to fill Plug 1 in on the history of the building, its prior uses— anything, really. Otherwise, have a gander at some of the most spectacularly bizarre spaces we've seen in a good long while.

· Embarcadero's Pier 36 to Be Greened By Prop. A [Curbed SF]