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Curbed SF Answers: Consular Perks Confirmed?

You don't know anything, we don't know anything ... Enter Ask Curbed SF, where we relay your burning befuddlements to our readers. Somebody out there knows something, we're sure of it! Confused? Come toward the light.

In the last edition of Ask Curbed SF, a reader posed the following question regarding apparent construction at the Egyptian Consulatee's home at 3001 Pacific Avenue: "I am surprised there is not a building permit posted on this property. Can consulates circumvent the standard permitting process that the city requires for remodels." Maybe so, judging by the following tale:
Some months back a Chinese diplomat wanted to do a major expansion on his place. I believe it was at the end of Monterey Blvd and all the neighbors were upset. At the planning commission, officials said that they were coming as a courtesy since it is considered Chinese soil. Badner couldn't bend over far enough to accomodate [sic] the owner. Many commissioners were opposed and so it was continued apparently so they could get educated and when they finally agreed it appeared to be reluctantly. At one point it was said that if they didn't go along it would cause a major diplomatic incident.· Ask Curbed SF: Consular Perks at 3001 Pacific? [Curbed SF]