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Mixed use for Market St. Mart

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Those of you looking for a cheap Barcalounger are out of luck. Wholesale furniture emporium, the San Francisco Mart is planning to reinvent itself as a new mixed-use development. With 5,000 new housing units planned to hit the market in the next few years, the decision was made to better serve the changing Civic Center area, but also (probably mostly) because of changes in the industry and the nation-wide reduction of furniture stores. General Manager of SF Mart, Roseann Carini says she envisions the space as "a destination where people not only work in a first-class office environment, but can grab a bite to eat, relax in the public space, and run their errands at the shops all under one roof." The over 1 million sq ft building located at 1355 Market Street will be rebranded "Market Square." Work will start this Spring, with constructed scheduled to finish in late 2009.
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[photo via flickr user Seth Gaines]