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Octavia Court: Paved with Good Intentions

Almost 600 new affordable housing units are on the way thanks to $4 million in grants from the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco. The grant will fund 7 affordable housing projects throughout the city, including Octavia Court - 15 units of affordable housing designed for disabled individuals and their families. Located on the corner of Oak St. and Octavia Blvd, the development includes a ground floor commercial space that will accommodate Norcal Vocational Inc, a firm specializing in providing developmentally disabled adults with "the opportunity to use art as a vehicle for developing life skills." Octavia Court stands out from the other projects benefiting from the grants not only because of its noble purpose, but also because it was designed by talented local firm Fougeron Architecture.
Two interior courtyards, partially viewable from the exterior, provide residents with a serene outdoor space and create a pleasant streetfront for the new building. These "courts," says the architect, are the heart and soul of the project. Providing residents with beautiful communal and outdoor spaces." Also of note is the articulated wood facade intended to recall the pattern of San Francisco Bay Windows. Octavia Court is slated to begin construction next fall.

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[Renderings via Fougeron Architecture. ]