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Eminent Doman: City to Whack Sixth and Howard Hotel

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The crazy building on Sixth and Howard Streets— you know, the one with the chairs bolted to the side of it? The one that makes you think "damn, I do live in San Francisco." Yeah, that one. The fate of the 144 room, 99-year old Hugo Hotel (at Sixth and Howard) will be discussed today by the city's redevelopment agency, who isn't so happy with the building's Oregon-based owners: they will not accept the city's $3.25 million dollar for the site (asking instead for $7M) . Solution? Eminent domain, baby. The city just might buy that building whether the owners like it or not. Twenty-eight others have made offers since 2003, and all of them were turned down. San Francisco will redevelop the Sixth Street corridor. And there's nothing anyone can do to stop them. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)
· Historic hotel may be claimed by eminent domain [SF Examiner]

[Image courtesy Cindy Chew/The Examiner]

Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA