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Signage Watch: Macworld '08

Listen, Macworld. Not to be ingrates or anything (especially after that MacBook Air act of God stunt you pulled earlier in the day). But we wanted more from you, we really did. Did you fail to take notes during the Oracle convention? Recall its scarlet banners and buses, screaming through the FiDi for days on end while triggering migraines left and right? That is what we call "advertising" here in the business. We believed that you'd rise to the challenge, Mac World— we expected you to plaster the living f*%k out of our city. "We went to Macworld, and all we got was this lousy banner."

Note that Lexis is also using this tagline in their latest commercials, which may easily be confused with an advert for Charmin toilet paper or Hallmark greeting cards.


Something to go with the Crocs and Harry Potter hat.

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