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Fire Sale in Ocean View

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Ultra modern 30th floor condos just don't do it for you? Are looking for something a little more unique in the San Francisco real estate market? Have you ever shown any pyromaniacal tendencies? If you answered "hell yes!" to any of those questions, keep reading. Robert and Marilyn Katzman, San Francisco's "most flamboyant fire buffs" are seeking a buyer for their home / labor of love — an 1896 San Francisco fire house. Previously home to Engine Company 33, the 4,000 sq ft Ocean View Residence — built entirely of California redwood — offers 20' high ceilings, a large kitchen, an entire museum's worth of fire memorabilia, and yes, even a fire pole. Oh, and also a big red firetruck. See, the Katzman's are looking not just for someone to take over their home, but also to take over their tour business. Still interested? All this can be yours for $3.3 million. Some say that price, while historically appropriate (Company 33, $3.3 mil, get it?), may be a little high, but the Katzmans are determined to launch into a comfy retirement. To help with the sale, the extremely enthusiastic couple produced a....uh, music video of sorts that we recommend watching in its entirety even if you have only a remote interest in property.
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[Image courtesy Fire Engine Tours]