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Ask Curbed SF: Consular Perks at 3001 Pacific?

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You don't know anything, we don't know anything ... Enter Ask Curbed SF, where we relay your burning befuddlements to our readers. Somebody out there knows something, we're sure of it! Confused? Come toward the light.

This reader query arrived in our inbox over the weekend. "Damn good question," we thought to ourselves. Before we let our inner pessimist prevail, however, we thought it best to turn this one over to our readers at large:

I live down the street from the former location of the Egyptian Consulate which is a beautiful property that I walk by often. I have been trying to find out what is happening at this property as they have a dumpster outside this building. I have often wondered about all these consulates in Pacific and Presidio Heights and why these countries continue to keep them open as there are in such desirable areas. I am surprised there is not a building permit posted on this property. Can consulates circumvent the standard permitting process that the city requires for remodels. It is such an amazing piece of property with unbelievable views, and I am just curious about any planned changes to the building.