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Reader Comment Thread: Luxury Brothels in SF?

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Last week we picked up a story on a prostitution bust in South San Francisco, one that allegedly took place in a luxury apartment building of some sort. While the ensuing comment thread is brief thus far, some interesting theories are playing out already:

Guest: "When I lived at the Aurora (4th/Harrison above Whole Foods), there was a lot of resident speculation that some of the ladies up there were higher class working girls. Heard this from several other residents, so it probably wasn't just our imagination. . ."

Guest: I recently purchased a condo in SOMA and the CC&R's specifically prohibit the units from being used as a location for shooting porn. No rule about brothels, though."

All of those lovely interiors we publish on Curbed SF ... damn. Anyone else suspect some hanky panky in their highrise? Or care to debunk such sordid rumors?

[Boca Raton bust courtesy the Palm Beach Post]