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Carry On Then: 'Loin Park Closes, Reopens

First, the Governator wants to save money by closing 48 state parks, including Candlestick Point State Recreation Area — the 170-acre landfill park near where the 49ers play (at least for now), and now the park crisis strikes the heart of the city. Or maybe that should be the loins of the city. Boeddeker Park, located on the corner of Eddy and Jones, was (gasp!) locked during business hours. "Business" in this case, meaning general child recreation and drug dealing. The park is open every day from 1pm - 6pm, hours limited by the city budget (isn't there an election coming up?). Rest easy, ChronWatch took on the case and quickly rectified the situation. Next week, we're hoping they'll tackle the whole state budget issue thing.
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[image courtesy SF Gate]