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Ex-Sunset Denizen Fears Mission, Loves Starbucks

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In today's posting on Starboard TCN's blog, supersmug Hans Hansson delivers a diatribe against city Supe Tom Ammiano's proposed legislation that will severely restrict the ability of national and franchise outlets to set up shop in the Mission. Such stores will have to undergo and endure an extensive flogging public review process before being given a key to the Mish. Hansson claims that "[The measure] has created such uncertainty for retailers that they are now re-evaluating San Francisco as a potential marketplace." We believe the kids call it a "hyperbole"... Granted, San Francisco will never be a retail Mecca— it's simply too small a city, for starters. But with major retail openings such as Apple's new store in the Marina or Prada's upcoming Union Square storefront, it seems fairly obvious to us that San Francisco isn't being written off that quickly.

In fact, we're going to go out on a limb here and guess that Mr. Hans Hansson hasn't taken a stroll through the area lately. (Bro grew up in the Sunset. Need we say more?) Granted, the Mission is the Mission— it does indeed suffer from problems that deter many a patron.

And indeed, a NIMBY is a NIMBY, whether cloaked in hipster thrift or Ralph Lauren. Yet to write off the Mish in its entirety as Hansson seems to do is to miss out on some of the good stuff— like furniture and design treasure troves Monument or X21 Modern. As a series of not-so-insignificant restaurants gradually migrate to the area, we smell a hint of change to come. So how about we stand down for a minute or two and give the underdog a chance, regardless of whether Starbucks crashes the party or not. If we can do it for SoMa ...

Oh, and Hans? About that advertising? Sometimes it comes around for free. (Re-read this post for details.)

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