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CurbedWire: Contemporary Jewish Museum Opening Revealed

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CurbedWire drops the latest gossip, rumors, and other juicy bits that arrive in the CurbedWire inbox (including a grain of truth, from time to time). Anonymity guaranteed, always.

YERBA BUENA CULTURAL DISTRICT—Official word has arrived: The long awaited Contemporary Jewish Museum, designed by starchitect Daniel Liebeskind, will in fact open on Sunday, June 8th 2008. From a statement released today by the CJM: “We look forward to opening our doors and to welcoming visitors to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in June,” states Connie Wolf, director and CEO of the CJM. “Our inaugural programs and exhibitions and our beautiful new home, designed with such passion by Daniel Libeskind, will draw together people, art, and ideas to engage with Jewish culture in new and exciting ways.” [CurbedWire Inbox]

Contemporary Jewish Museum

736 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103