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Curbed SF Reader Comment Roundup

Well aren't you just clever! Rowdy readers this week on the Curbed SF, no? Funny what makes you folks tick; your comments never fail to entertain and even surprise us. Here's the best of the past seven days.

1) NIMBY's Unite: Subway to Occupy Market and Gough "Their food is terrible and every time I ever ate there I got sick afterwards. And lest blogposters go all "stop eating the tofu and grow a pair" on me, trust me, I enjoy all the foods our cultural stew offers, including (gasp!) a McDonald's burger once in a while. Ok, rosary recited, so now I go back to my point: Subway sucks!"

2) That's Rather Hideous . . . and Lovely: "Noblesse Oblige in Nob Hill: I don't think it's hideous at all. I do think their anuses must be clenched tighter than Karl Lagerfeld's waist in a Dior suit, though."

3) NYC Native Calls Dibs On Gentrification: "Williamsburg is ground zero for gentrification for the whole country. Really. Maybe it might just seem that way for one who never left there? That's sort of like saying that North Beach pizza is the best pizza in the UNIVERSE,.... and I know this as a certainty, even though I've never been further than 20 miles from SF."

4) MLS Mayham: Legal Eagle Lands at The Metropolitan: "When they started wasting time voting for the "hottest" realtor, I stopped taking them seriously. They, in fact should be responsible for accurate square foot numbers, I dont care how they do it. They are already being challenged a lot with regard to their outrageous fees, for essentially driving a potential buyer around in their german auto to a few open houses."