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Eater Tastings: Piranhas Attack, Death Watch Dispatched

TGIF! You know the drill: Eater Tastings rounds up the best of the best from our brother blog, Eater SF. Love the Eater. Love. It.

1) Attention Rincon Hill rezzies: Eater SF did some fine reconnaissance work inside of Waterbar, the soon-to-be destination resto manned by chef restaurateur Pat Kuleto. Note the massive glass column: Amazon piranhas are en route, rumor goes, though more squeemish patrons may elect to take in the sweeping views of the Bay also proffered by this two-level vision in brick.

2) Ah, Luisa Hanson, the name that has launched a thousand lawsuits restos. Eater SF has made a preemptive strike against Pompei, affixing the Stamp of Death to her latest project before its opening. "Karma's a bitch!" noted the Chair of the Death Watch Oversight Committee during this week's session. Case closed.

3) "The brightly lit Caltrain station across the street looked like a piece of modern art, as sleek as a Calatrava, as I walked toward South on a damp, cold end-of-2007 night." These are the words of SF Weekly's food reviewer Meredith Brody, whose stunning prose provokes regular ridicule in the blogosphere. Eater SF retorts: "Maybe she got mixed up because a lot of the letters are the same." Ouch.