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South City Madames Operate From Upscale Apartment

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How often do developments play unwitting hosts to these businesses, anyway? (More often then we deign to think, surely.) Two South San Franciscan woman were tossed into the paddy wagon today for allegedly operating a house of ill repute in a local upscale apartment building. The madames were abusing the 'ole DSL, hustling tricks online for $200 a pop; they were caught in flagranti during a sting operation staged by local police, booked, cited, and released. One claimed to be the owner of the unit, whose address hasn't been disclosed, and police suspect that the two have been running their covert op for months. Police will continue to conduct an "ongoing investigation" into the matter. As for the real issue at hand here, Eater SF Paolo asks: "Where in South City are there high end apartments?" Anyone see this one go down? (No pun intended.)
· Police arrest two women allegedly running S.S.F. brothel [SF Examiner]

[Ed note: This pic does not represent the S. City bust. Boca Raton bust courtesy the Palm Beach Post]