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Rental Watch: Desperate Times

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Every once in a while, Curbed SF checks in with the San Francisco rental market. And we do it the layman's way: by searching Craigslist, by price point. In today's episode of Rental Watch, we scour the listings at the $1,500 price point. Ambitious, yes. But it's more dire than we thought, people. Grim. A couple of gems:

Where: Outer Mission/ Daly City
What: 2 bedrooms, baths
Price: $1750
Commentary: $1750 for 2 bedrooms, baths. A deal? In Daly City? Maybe, if you can deal with living on "the edge," as it were. But with an ambiguously bathroom-like space that more closely resembles a Jr. High gym class flashback than an actual room? Pass.

Where: (Downtown/Civic/Van Ness)
What: Jr. 1 bedroom
Price: $1350
Commentary: Another harsh to our already harshed mellow. Normally we simply ignore Trinity properties outright, but with a headline like "If you have more taste than money" matched up with this plywood coffin-cum-bed, how could we resist?