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We Smell Smoke

Rincon Park Restaurants: took a peek through the fence at the interior of Pat Kuleto and Mark Franz's new restaurant Waterbar gracing the Embarcadero and we saw some railings, some brick, and these things that will either be the much-ballyhood wall of aquariums or flatscreen TV's. Still looks like any other suburban strip mall construction site, just with better views, and with a projected fall, 2007 opening, they'd better step on it. Seems the most prominent architectural feature will be stucco pilasters. We can't wait. More stucco after the jump. Waterbar is one of two restaurants at the site, the other being EPIC, best described in lower-case as a fun combination of contemporary dishes. Chef (and co-owner with Kuleto) Jan Birnbaum will preside over a custom built wood fired grill and wood burning oven. We imagine that since Waterbar and EPIC are tenants of the Port of San Francisco they're exempt from certain restrictions. Like burning wood for hours and hours every day of the week.
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Stucco pilasters on Waterbar

That's EPIC to the right. Always uppercase! Waterbar, one word, to the left, open plaza in between. In the background, the Hills Brothers look more Sienese every day, Infinity's peeking over the top, and One Rincon Hill- dang, that girl is everywhere.