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What A Trip

[Update: Ms. Chalmers took the video off Youtube. Sadly, it was "not for public viewing." On Youtube.]
Yet another virtual helicopter trip in Screampoint 3D through downtown, updated to include the proposed tower (twisted facets, again) at 181 Folsom (the fuschia shaft marked 900FT) with the Transbay Tower (blocked out in baby pink and 1200FT) along with the rumored but unconfirmed bundle of towers proposed by Italian architect Renzo Piano (in white.) Almost fully rendered, plus dwarfed, is the blue glass Millennium Tower currently under construction nearby, and most of the built neighbors. One Rincon Hill appears at the edge of the video looking both lonely and short, thus providing a clue as to how immense these new buildings will be. Cool stuff at the Screampoint site; best quote solutions to transform physical real estate into intelligent digital environments translates to hours of fun for us.
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Transbay Transit Center

85 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA