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Curbed Inside: Arterra (Part II)

Time for a little lunchtime development porn! Here we present part deux of our recent tour of Arterra, just in time to leave you for the weekend with that funny feeling inside. Also, we have a rumor confirmation from Intracorp project manager Meg Collins that one buyer did, in fact, purchase 3 penthouse units and is planning to add additional eco-friendly features to the mega-greenhouse. (That's all we can tell you, as Meg was careful to protect the owner's privacy.)

Picture it...

X-treme dwarfage.

The 4th floor common area will feature planting lots of rebar planting beds and Japanese Maple trees galore!

Big thanks go out to Robert Farmer of Jeffrey Scott Advertising and Meg Collins from Intracorp, both of whom gave us a through and informative tour of the site.
· Curbed Inside: Arterra [Curbed SF]


300 berry street, San Francisco, CA