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Compare and Contrast: San Francisco, New York City

As logic would dictate, we announced the re-launch of Curbed SF and Eater SF across all of our sister blogs: Curbed, Curbed LA, Eater, and Eater LA. One New York reader made a priceless comment, one that we believe presents an opportunity for a San Francisco/ New York cross-cultural exchange. Remember that Reaganite "Hands Across America" thing from the 80's? It's gonna be just like that.

Asks said commenter: "Ok, can we get some SF readers to help fill in the assocaitions, so we know what SF is about? for example: Brooklyn Bridge : Golden Gate" San Francisco? Let's school our New York friends. New York? As if we need to invite you, please jump in when moved to do so. It's time for a little friendly quid pro quo.

Brooklyn Bridge:
Williamsburg :
Ohio :
Hipsters :
Park Slope Mommy Mafia :
Cleanishappy Ass :
Michael Shvo :
L-train :
Bedford Ave. :