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Curbed Inside: Arterra

Welcome to a new Curbed feature, Curbed Inside—in which we visit the interiors of a space to document the design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed to consider for a visit, drop us a line.

Our long obsession with Arterra, the new development rising along the Berry Street prefabricated neighborhood corridor, is well documented. Yet it wasn't until this week that Curbed operatives found their way into the building, courtesy of Arterra's project manager, Meg Collins. Since its topping off in July, the development—now a year and a half past its groundbreaking—is shaping up within. Today, we'll tour the innards; tomorrow, we'll take in the views.

An eighth-floor apartment. So industrial! Pity they have to plaster it.

A portion of the eighth-floor hallway. Hello, neighbor!

You wouldn't necessarily know it from this photo, but that there is the garbage chute. Surprisingly enough, it even separates the garbage from the recycling.

Don't be fooled by the rebar: This raised courtyard will sport idyllic garden beds and Japanese Maples. At left, the entrances to the townhouse portion of the building.

Here's the view inside the townhouses, looking back out towards the courtyard.

Looking down the stairs of two adjoining townhouse units.

And here's the current state of the penthouse level. Turning around, the views are pretty amaz—er, hold on. We'll be back to you with that part of the tour tomorrow.
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300 berry street, San Francisco, CA