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That's Rather Hideous: Parkside Photoshopper

That's Rather Hideous, the evil twin of That's Rather Lovely, highlights unfortunate decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos and such. Today's darling: Parkside/The Sunset.

An innocuous Craigslist post, or realty themed video game circa 1984? You decide. Here are the seizure-inducing results of one owner's tragic foray into the wide world of Photoshop. For $2,185/month you, too, can pick up where you left off with Zelda or the Super Mario Brothers. Still have those passwords, right?

From the top: living room, dining room, kitchen. Nice.
· $2185 / 2br - ++PHOTO TOUR++ Cute flat in nice bldg (sunset / parkside) [Craigslist]