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CurbedWire: Voter Apathy, Questionable Sales

CurbedWire is Curbed's almost-daily roundup of reader gossip, innuendo, and occasional half-truth. Got gossip? We want to hear about it:

SAN FRANCISCO—Remember that rivalry we wrote about earlier in the day? You know, the one about the buildings. Remember the poll? The poll you were supposed to vote in? San Francisco, we are being destroyed by New York and LA—we're limping along at 13%, while LA nears 31% and NY saunters across the finish line at 56%. We expect more of you, SF. We really do. It's this kind of apathy that brought our fine country down to its current state, after all. But there is still time! Get it together, people. Vote now. You have until Monday to make us less ashamed than we already are proud.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—A reader tipped us to 2517 Pacific Avenue, a property that apparently just sold for $6.9M with the aid of an agent, a sign, and a website—nothing else. While we couldn't find the property listed on the MLS, its site does seem to indicate that it remains on the market. Anyone? [CurbedWire inbox]