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Wednesday Price Chopper: Wax On, Wax Off

Kiai! 75 Mountain Spring Avenue, in the classic Halloween Pumpkin kata

75 Mountain Spring: When every fiber of your being screams "Beverly Hills" but the Fates have doomed you to endless karate lessons in San Francisco. Features of this swank Clarendon Heights house include a...'Dojo' room perfectly suited for martial arts, home gym, theatre room, table tennis etc. and many other areas perfectly suited for large family living.Perhaps the Dojo was an afterthought. Originally built in 1932, the once-classic Spanish house sold in 1998 for $1,845,500 and was renovated. Sold again in 2000 for $3,300,000 and renovated yet again. Like one of those women who's had so much work done they look vaguely familiar but you can't quite place them. Has been on and off the market recently- we seem to remember an asking price north of $6M- but most recently $5.6M. Off the market for a while, now back again and yours for $5,499,000. No surface left untouched. Leave your shoes at the door and prepare to bow deep.
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