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The Architect & The Cult

Sometimes we get great stuff in our email. Factoids out of the blue, or remembrances like a letter from the ex-wife of Gaylord Mull, the designer of 7 Cameo Way, above. Seems he changed his name to Gregory Mull, but you can read all that after the jump. Architects lead such interesting lives. 7 Cameo Way did sell after a few days on the market for $1,550,000 with a pre-emptive overbid of $55K over the asking price.
· Mid-Century Monday [Curbed SF]
· Gregory Mull Lawsuit [Wikipedia]


I enjoyed this article and noted that you did not know who Gaylord Mull,
architect, was. He changed his name to Gregory Mull following a lot of
publicity over an affair he had with the wife of a prominent surgeon. The
wife invited Gregory (Gaylord) to go with her. As an architect, he had a
lot of knowledge of buildings and was fascinated by European architecture.

Gregory and I were married about twenty years after that. We were divorced
at the insistence of his religious leader, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, when I
refused to join her cult. Gregory left the cult after discovering I had
remarried. He devoted the rest of his life to working with organizations
that were seeking to enlighten cult members and free them. The US Congress
honored him with a special award for his work in freeing cult members.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet sued Gregory, claiming he owed money to her
organization. Her claim was rightfully denied. I know Gregory was not
guilty of the charges because I was there when she set him up by putting him
into a position he could not escape. I warned him. Gregory countersued and
won a $1.5 million award.

His life would make quite a movie.