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Tuesday PM Price Chopper: You Save $504K!

56 Clarendon Avenue: A pink stucco house on the view-side of Clarendon Avenue, circa 1947. Although the house retains some vintage stainless steel details, time and renovations have not been kind. The living room decor is faux-Georgian paneling crossbred with Mexican tiles. The plan is confusing and difficult-to-maneuver, with narrow, twisty staircases and an interior layout that shifts from from right angles to pie-shapes, resulting in oddly shaped rooms and funhouse hallways. We'd like to call this a teardown, but since we can't tear anything down anymore, let's just call it a huge renovation job. Almost nothing worth keeping, except the jaw-dropping view from the Headlands to Mt. Diablo. Potentially nice garden that's five stories below street level with no direct access. No elevator. On a double lot. To put the new price in perspective, there's a vacant double lot for sale on Buena Vista West for $2.8M without the view or a house. So yes, if you have an extra $1.5M for renovations and two years to spare, buy it. New agent, new price- was $2,999,999, snap it up for $2,495,000.
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