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This New House

Blogs are everywhere, sharing and recording specific projects. In this case, a blog from the owner of 55 Sheridan Street, documenting the design and construction of an extraordinary house in a town that's notoriously hard to build in.

Although we did the AIA tour, there was an opportunity this week to get a private tour from the house's architect Olle Lundberg and the project architect Michelle Kriebel. No crowds, lots of wide open spaces. Yes, there is an elevator. A very well-hidden one. The house is also narrower than it looks. By setting much of the east elevation back five feet, they were able to use large expanses of glass instead of the standard fire-rated wall, taking advantage of a wide-open view and light and creating an entry courtyard. And "standard" is misleading- the exterior walls are pre-fabricated insulated steel panels usually employed in commercial structures, not residences.

The house isn't lavish inside. It's very well finished and detailed, but it's apparent that a lot of value engineering went into decisions. The baths may be luxurious, but in the rest of the house, the luxury is in space and light and the slightly mysterious unfolding as you pass through it, either up-and-down or front-to-back. The blog is loaded with detail, images of construction and the end results, along with serious floor plan porn(plans are not as-built, but very close to the final product.) Highly recommended for residential construction and design junkies.
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