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Got Eggs?

Isabell (left) and Claudette (right)

Park(ing) Day: a worldwide one-day event centered in San Francisco, transforming metered parking spaces into parks and social spaces. Pioneered by San Francisco arts collective Rebar in 2005, PARK(ing) Day 2007 is organized by Rebar and Public Architecture in association with Trust for Public Land. And while most of the other four dozen or so participants around town will be turning their parking spaces into works of art or comfy curbside lounges, we at Curbed SF will be turning ours over to the birds. Or more precisely, Isabel and Claudette, two black and gold Wyandotte hens.

Stop by 520 Third Street (between Bryant and Brannan) tomorrow, September 21 between 10 and 3PM, hang with the urban hens, learn about pastured chickens and the benefits of raising your own. In partnership with Bonnie Powell of The Ethicurean, poultry wrangler Bailey Smith and a clutch of sustainable agriculture activists, including peeps from Slow Food Berkeley and the Community Alliance With Family Farmers. Bonnie will be selling pasture-raised eggs from Soul Food Farm in Vacaville. Even the New York Times gets into the act. No roosters, please.
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