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TJPA: Still Listening?

From the folks at SOM , via Youtube

Save the date, tell work you have doctor's appoinment: Thursday September 20, 9AM at City Hall, Room 416 The Transbay Joint Powers Authority will take public comment at their meeting to decide which Tranny Shack proposal goes forward. Although the advisory committee voted unanimously last week for the Pelli Clark Pelli/Hines version, the other two contenders, Rogers Stirk Harbour/MacFarlane and Skidmore Owings Merrill/Rockefeller have no doubt been beavering away, sharpening pencils, stilettos. Where we're at:

PCP gives us The Tusk, plus a greywater park above the terminal and sketchy street level quality. Plus throws in $205M more than anyone else. Houston? Very.

RSH gives us The Transformer, a tower that when needed, can rearrange itself to rescue kittens from trees. Remarkably like the Centre Georges Pompidou, gone vertical.

SOM gives us The French Kiss, their take on the classic Parisian train station on an immense scale, with palm trees, under the biggest version of the Eiffel Tower, ever. And we say that with complete awe.
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