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Um, Fabulous!

Um, Fabulous! is an occasional feature of Curbed SF that occurs when we're rendered (almost) speechless by a property listing. Because what else can you say? Send us your candidates.

New heights in realtorspeak: "Behind this unassuming facade stands a superb vintage residence with gorgeous views." More than one tipster sent us the link to this unassuming facade done in Koolaid purples and mustard yellow. And inside: a vision in lime, cerulean blue, chrome yellow in the kitchen, more purple in the living room. Self-identifies as Victorian despite being built in 1923 (Victoria died in '02) [Correction: HRH died in 1901.] No garage, three bedrooms below street level. Nothing unassuming about the price, either at $1,299,000.00 OK, yes, it has nice views and apparently, a lush garden, We'd drink, too. More after the jump.
· 291 Corbett [Leon & Polina De-Levi/PacUnion]

A case of Photoshop gone very, very wrong?

We dare you to fall asleep in this room, let alone have sex.