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Modernism is the New Methadone

Best quote of the morning, above, from eminent Columbia University professor and PBS star Gwendolyn Wright. We couldn't agree more, although we're still working on our addiction to floor plan porn. Baby Steps! We're getting updates from our own Ms. iPhone, a self-admitted conference nerd embedded at the Dwell on Design Conference. So far, she approves of the bean bag chairs. And the presentations by architects Michael McDonough and Michelle Kaufmann: and sutainable design, detailing some truly ingenious eco-conscious building solutions. We're talking simple, practical ideas designed for everyday folks who might like to go green but may be intimidated or overwhelmed by the process. (Think using light dimmers, super insulating space, recycling rain water...OK, that one might be a little hard core!) Michelle just detailed her firm's recent work on relief housing, while Michael is railing on the capital-driven building industry as we speak! No granola green here!

Drilling For Modernism

Never to early for a Panelist Flash Mob