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55 Sheridan

[Photo credit: 55 Sheridan]

Not a moment too soon: inspectors from the DBI signed off on 55 Sheridan late this morning. Apparently it should have happened earlier in the week, but the inspector delayed until a street tree was replaced. We love that DBI's paying attention to details like that. Drove by this afternoon and the place is crawling with cleaners and technicians getting it ready for its close-up, as 55 Sheridan is on the sold-out AIA House Tour on Sunday. Above, shadows from the steel staircase.

The single-family house plus sculpture studio by Lundberg Architects has been underway for something like two years. Before and after (like as of this afternoon) after the jump. Their website is expected to go back up this evening; we'll have more pics on Monday.
· 55 Sheridan [Curbed SF]

55 Sheridan, Before [Photo credit: 55 Sheridan]

55 Sheridan, After