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Open Houses, Sunday 2-4

For those two hours every Sunday afternoon where you get to see the inside of someone else's closets:

More mid-century than we realized: 1190 Sacramento was designed by Angus McSweeney in 1955 but manages to look pre-war. Not the most forward-looking architect of his time, having notably butted heads with The Chronicle's legendary modernist architecture critic Alan Temko. Great location directly on Huntington Park, a full-floor co-op with signature San Francisco views and really depressing bathrooms. Worth a visit. The kind of apartment one can imagine a Hitchcock character living in, and just down the street Vertigo's Brocklebank Apartments. Open Sunday 2-4, $1,395,000.00
· 1190 Sacramento Street, #1 [Barbara Callan/McGuire RE]
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Not much going on at 99 Ord, the Art Deco/Streamline Moderne house at 17th Street just uphill from the Castro and downhill from Corona Heights. Inexplicably listed as being in Anza Vista, which may be why the agent's phone is not ringing. Or because despite being on a very busy street, the for-sale sign is around the corner, completely out of sight. On the market 91 days and recently reduced 5%. Not in a style much in vogue these days, and despite some wonderful period details, the house needs to be entirely re-thought, perhaps along with the owner's relationship to their realtor. Open Sunday 2-4 $1,515,000.00
· 99 Ord Street [McGuire RE]
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