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PCP: Not Just For Smoking

It's going to slide in there, somewhere, like to the left

Tranny Shack: The distinguished nine-member jury unanimously recommended Pelli Clarke Pelli's design, but we think it was developer Hines that threw the ringer: Hines Interests offered $350M to purchase the site. Rogers, Stirk, Harbour and the Forest City/MacFarlane team offered $145M. The SOM/Rockefeller Group offered $118,440,700.00 instead of $118,440,699.99, but go figure. Overall in design points, which included design excellence, functionality and financial feasibility, PCP came in with 90 points, RSH with 72 points and SOM trailing with 61. Amazing how an extra $205M will thrust one ahead of the pack, pointwise. Next up, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority decision on September 20. Designs are on display at Yerba Buena Center through September 16, plus more disclosure than you can shake a stick at. Except who exactly was on that distinguished panel.
· Design & Development Competition [TJPA]