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When Architects Fib: Looks Green To Us

Quick question: why is the Infinity green? In all the renderings we've seen, including the current website, the Infinity in Rincon Hill is a composition of interlocking convex and concave silvery-gray bays. Is there some kind of plastic film that gets peeled away when the building's done and suddenly it will be gray again? We know window glass is usually greenish- did the architects forget that? At least One Rincon Hill is sticking to the blue-black glass and beige precast panels in the original renderings, and the Millenium is turning out very much the way it was presented, very sleek and slithery-blue. So what's the deal? Did someone's boyfriend go "honey, it should be green, not gray. Grreeeen" and poof! it's green? Official rendering after the jump. The Infinity site is loaded with hours of floor plan porn, btw.
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