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Thanks Don! Thanks Doris!

Cupid's Span, 2002 by Claes Oldenburg and Cossje Van Bruggen Photo credit: Karl Petzke

Going the way of other billionaires and their museum-builing urges- Jean Paul Getty, Dominique de Menil and Norton Simon come to mind- local billionaires Don and Doris Fisher are proposing their unparalled colllection of 20th century art go to a new museum to be built at the Main Post of the Presidio. All of the basic San Franciscan arguments against change- a looming de Young debate, redux- are going to poke up from the hedgerows and pop out from behind the eucalyptus groves. Basically, where are all the cars going to wind up and what route will they take. A museum of this caliber will change San Francisco's position on the global art tourist map, and it's going to change the bosky-but-suburban office park atmosphere that prevails in the Presidio.

We already have two major art museums set in parkland- the de Young and the Legion of Honor- that almost no one gets to by public transport. Thanks Don and Doris, the Cupid's Bow on the Embarcadero is awesome, but please pick an equally 21st century location for the museum instead of a remote (and self-aggrandizing) 19th century one in a park. We can see a green-roof sculpture garden in Mission Creek. or the Transbay Transit Center.
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