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Mid-Century Monday

7 Cameo, the mid-century non-Eichler in Diamond Heights had one offer in hand Saturday when we went to the open house, and they were looking for backups. The house is part of a three-house complex designed in 1964 by Gaylord Mull, inspired by Japanese houses of the 60's, with some common walls and details like black walnut sliding doors. What's now the master bedroom was two kid's rooms divided by a sliding partition, and the master bedroom was the loft overlooking the living room, now more suited to a study. So basically it's a one bedroom house for $1,495,000, although originally three bedrooms. Beautifully detailed new Italian kitchen with new terrazzo floors and it's own patio. Nice but small baths. The main space- a study and the living/dining room, is spectacular, with a big cinder block fireplace in relief and overlooked by a balcony with a bench built into the rail.

The house was renovated by the realtor, David Baker, who sold it to the current owners. He clearly loves the house, and did a sensitive job of renovating it a few years ago. Nobody seems to know any more about Gaylord Mull, however, beyond his name on one of the original blueprints that David had on hand.

In other mid-century news, top floor division: the grand house at 3456 Jackson with the exquisite and almost invisible 60's penthouse went into escrow on Friday. About ten days on the market, the asking price was $5.5M.

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