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The Lush Life

[Photo credit: Gusmacroy via Flickr]

OK. We'd heard about it and dismissed it as urban legend. But no, in a new leap of marketing. the condo project known as 170 Off Third has indeed taken to setting drinks coasters out in SOMA bars. Above, from our friend and intrepid San Francisco ironist Gus Mac Roy, as seen on the bar at the Eagle Tavern. Plans afoot to print up condoms (perhaps foot's not the right body part) in what may be the first example of anti-viral marketing. Can logo-emblazoned coke straws be far behind? Meanwhiles, the project's touted as 60% sold. Hey it's always that last forty percent that's the killer, so drink up boys- that bearded guy with the helmet is home, waiting for you.
· 170 Off Third [170 Off Third]