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Murder & Supermodels

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A Curbed reader asks:

I happened to have wandered into the open house at this place a week ago (it’s pretty much a shithole), Now with it being the scene of a crime, I wonder if the price has come down. Or has it been sold already? If so, I’m not sure I’d want to be the one to have just made an offer on a place that a guy was killed at a week later. I guess it’s one less tenant, though.Confirmed as still on the market by realtor Maritza Tronoff, 495 Madrid, the site of parties, gunfire, and on Sunday morning, the murder of its occupant, Carlos Cruz. Equally stunning was the Chronicle's quotes from supermodel Linda Evangelista who apparently now lives in the neighborhood. Our sympathies to the family of Mr. Cruz and the neighbors who have to put up with this shit. Asking an heartless $849K, so price unchanged. Realtor sez "Just like having two units" except of course, it's zoned RH-1.
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