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Rumblings & Bumblings

Every so often, readers email asking about empty lots and unfinished projects, along with an occasional "WTF is going on at..." We invite your queries and comments.

The Castro: What's the story with the Shell station at Market/15th/Sanchez? They've started breaking up the pavement. Presumably to pull the gas tanks out. Anybody know the plan? Is there a plan?

Mission Dolores "What's up with the lot and empty house on the corner of Dolores and 15th? It's been years. Nothing. And the poured concrete structure at 18th and Dolores that's straight out of Pyongyang?"

Cesar Chavez: "Do you happen to know what the deal is with that strange recently-painted-red building with the ornate door that's on Cesar Chavez just east of Mission Street? Tonight I drove by and it almost looked like a "club" inside. I always thought it was apartments."