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Supes Say No to MAC on Cesar Chavez

This Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition (MAC) lost it's appeal before the Board of Supervisors to stop the 3400 Cesar Chavez project. The developer had exceeded the minimum requirements of the Planning Department- and Planning took the position that they'd passed the test and should go ahead. MAC wanted a fully affordable project plus a day worker center. No one (that we know of) came forward with the argument that an important Art Deco retail structure should be preserved. Which leads us to ask- with all the billionaires we have in San Francisco, why can't we have a version of Phipps Houses? A New York affordable housing developer dating back to the early 1900's and founded by Henry Phipps, a partner of Andrew Carnegie. Or is Rust Belt Presbyterian guilt a more powerful motivator than Silicon Valley Secular Humanist guilt?
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