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Random Sales About Town

Forest Hill:The traditional mid-century house we loved too much at 56 Sotelo Avenue sold for $1.9M, or $301K over the asking price; into escrow after two weeks on the market. Note to new owners: be gentle.

The Neighborhood Once Known as The Castro: In a less spectacular overbid, the This Old House Old Church at 220 Danvers took about 60 days to close escrow at $2.05M, or $70K above the asking price. Will the new owners take out the disco-cabaret installation?

Cole Valley: 785 Cole Street, the Edwardian renovated by Jensen & Macy that maybe was for sale and maybe wasn't, set its indecision aside and finally closed at $1.9M, or $100K less than the asking price. New owners to follow our advice and paint it cerulean blue.

Lower Corona Heights: Old girl's looking tired: the Art Deco second cousin of the Oakland Paramount at 99 Ord in Lower Corona Heights is still on the market, 63 days and counting, at $1.595M. Someone, please take her to the prom.
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