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Um, Fabulous! Dusting for Dollars

Um, Fabulous! is a sporadic feature of Curbed SF that occurs when we're rendered (almost) speechless by a property listing. Because what else can you say?

2801 Lake Street: You know you're in for trouble when the listing says "bring TLC and your interior design skills." How would they know? No one's seen any of the surfaces in years. There isn't enough room on that cocktail table to wedge in a highball. And damn if we don't need a highball after looking at the listing pictures online. Big 5/5.5 with two family rooms, asking $3.6M white piano not included, more horror vacuii after the jump. A small victory in the war against fabulous staging. We're just not expecting an open house any time soon.
· 2801 Lake Street [Betty Taisch/Coldwell Banker]