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18th & Guererro: All Hell Breaks Loose

Something new this way comes, 18th & Guerrero

Wailing plus gnashing of teeth as Tartine Bakery limited quantities at 7:35 PST this morning. The surly Mission chicks behind the counter had to tell people they could only buy a maximum of five of anything because of large, previously placed orders. presumably for people with more money and clout than you. In the back, one observed more surly Mission chicks feverishly filling boxes with brown baked goods. Seriously, the first four people in line would have bought every sticky bun in sight.

Meanwhile, Pascal Rigo the boulanger-retailer-restaurateur from Bordeaux is doing something directly across the street (above) from Tartine in the double-height space that was once Ethiopian, then Central/South American. Will it be pastry or pizza? Crêpes, encore? And Chowhound notwithstanding, architects we know have been praising Farina down the street in the old Anna's Cookies building, for both its design and food.

Yes, Eater SF is coming soon. Probably a few weeks, along with a repopulated Curbed. Meanwhile, the big news around here is first-class SFO to JFK on Virgin America for under $800 round trip. In a new plane. Thanks, Sir Richard!
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